Sourcing the Right Builder for House Extensions in North London

House extensions are attached to the most valuable asset that you own, which is why it is imperative to choose the RIGHT builders for the project. A high quality, the well-built extension will boost your lifestyle and give you a house that you and your family will enjoy living in for the next couple of years. Moreover, when the time comes to sell, a superior extension will significantly escalate the market value of your house.

In contrast, an inept builder can cost you thousands of dollars by ruining your extension project. After a quick research, you will figure out that there are numerous builders in North London. Here are some factors that you must consider before sourcing a builder for house extension north London.

Choose a builder you get along with
Getting along with a builder that you opt for can only be judged by you. The team of builders will be spending a lot of time near you. For this reason, choosing a builder that you can trust around your family is important. At BCS Ltd, we hire licensed builders who can be trusted to work in your house even without supervision.

Look out for the builder’s expertise.
All builders are not equal. Some have skill in building new houses while others are better at building commercial properties. When looking for the right builder, it would help to opt for someone who specializes in house extensions in North London. At BCS Ltd, we cater to specific extension requirements. Whether you are planning to add a storey to your house or extending the lounge for a bigger space, we have experts for all the tasks.

Welcome client’s opinion
Our team of professionals provide great attention to detail and focus primarily on customer needs. At BCS Ltd, we have trained our designers to bring your ideas to life. When it comes to house extensions in North London, we welcome designs from our valuable customers at each phase of the project. Consequently, we also adjust the design (if needed) according to their requirements so that we produce a first-rate living space.